What am I doing?

I want this, I really do.  Trouble is sometimes I sit there and think "this is so overwhelming, this endeavor is going to rule my already chaotic life."  Last night I sat there scanning through the Seller's Handbook on Etsy, there is just so much information that I need to absorb that I'm not even sure where to start.  Do I concentrate on policies, banners, and profile first?  Or do I concentrate on creation?  Should I dabble in vintage or stick with original creations?  Should I focus on one particular area like textiles or paper or kids or should I really just have it be a montage of goods, like a true general store?  Or, or, or.... see what I mean?  So why on Earth am I doing this to myself?

I just read an article today on intuition in my Whole Living magazine, and it talked about using your intuition to steer you to the right job for your personality and lifestyle, getting yourself out of a job that isn't helping you live life to the fullest, etc.  I've been toying with the idea of going all out with my Etsy shop for probably about 3 or 4 years now.  Time and time again I've told myself to get real and just focus on the job I have now that brings home the bacon.  Every time I come to that conclusion and move on with life as it is a little part of me falls on its knees and screams.  And then a month later I'll start toying with the idea again, obviously there is something to the idea.  I'm not planning on on Worthen's Merc. being a huge success right off the bat and enabling me to quit my day job, but eventually I hope it will edge towards that reality (its like Grandma always said, "plan on the worst and if the best happens you'll be pleasantly suprised").

The point is that I think my creative little soul NEEDS an outlet like this.  Its like the fairies in Peter Pan "every time a child says they don't believe a fairy somewhere dies" If I keep telling my creative self to shut up it will eventually fade away.  I'm not going to make part of myself, the part that I'm most fond of, curl up and die.  So, as scary and overwhelming as this whole thing is, I'm going to do it.  Its for my own good.


  1. Women have a need to create – it is part of us. Many of the tasks that we do each day are continually repeated. To be able to create is a joy, as we are able to finish a thing of beauty, that we do not have to redo the next day!

  2. Thank you for your comment Debbie, it is so true! I get such satisfaction and joy out of creating things, it is something that is completely mine and not connected with everything I do (mostly cheerfully & willingly) every day for others.


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