changed profile pic & a creative weekend!

Happy Tuesday!  This past weekend was such a blast, my family and I got to attend a soiree with good friends, spend quality time together, enjoy some beautiful fall weather, and I got to spend quite a few happy hours working on various creative projects.  I worked on a quilt for my daughter, the linen/cotton upcycled quilt for Worthen's, some sketches for the 2011 Sketchbook Project (, and I got to do a little scavenging at my local thrift shop.
In the spirit of the upcoming holiday season I also changed my profile picture on Etsy to an old photo of our store decked out for the holidays.  Its a great shot of the store in general and I love our old Texaco sign!

picture of a similar tin I found on e-bay
Unfortunatley this week I didn't find any good linen or cotton for the quilt at the thrift store.  I did however, find a great vintage Cadbury tin.  I'm so torn about selling it though (classic trait of my family, buy something with the thought of selling it and then end up keeping it for yourself), it really is beautiful.  As of right now though it will end up in the store.  It  is a commemoritve Finger Cookie Tin, says "1889-1989" and features several of their fun illustrations from various advertisements.

Right now I've got a little internal battle raging.  I was on the Etsy forums the other day and someone had asked if they should wait until they could build up their inventory a bit to list them on their shop.  I said to wait because it seems to appeal to buyers a little bit more but everyone else that responded said to just list what you have and build up your inventory over time... I'm so trigger happy it makes me want to start listing my scant items now and not wait for January!


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