Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tough Transitions

I'll be back blogging when the leaves are golden!
I have good news and bad news...

Bad news first?

Okay.  I'm taking a little break from blogging until this fall and my shop won't be super active either...

Ready for the good news?

I'm going to be a (more or less) stay-at-home mom come July!  Crazy eh? 

So that explains the transition part.  Now you're probably wondering what is so tough about it.  I'm just going to not work anymore and sit at home right?  Dude, you are so wrong.  Let me catalog my thoughts for you.

1. I'm leaving a job in a tough economy - isn't this what economists would tell me NOT to do?  That even if my husband can score a second job that he will be at the bottom of the food chain and the first to be laid off?  I have a job with a pension & 401k and I'm giving it up?  Am I crazy - nobody gets pensions anymore!

2. I'm "making" my husband get a second job, so on top of his exhausting schedule of fire fighting he will be toiling away in his remaining hours.

3. I'm taking my girls' Daddy away from them.  Right now he is home during more of their waking hours than I am, they both worship him and routinely tell me that they love me, but they love Daddy more.  And now he will be gone more than his regular 48 stints.

4. I will NOT just be sitting at home, being Mom In Chief is a job that Josh and I have been trying to split, but it doesn't split so well, it is such a big demanding job that it really does require a full time CEO, so now I will be taking over all responsibility of the running of the household (besides the cars - if I can help it I'm still not going to be in charge of their maintenance, I'm a girl for heavens' sakes, those men don't take me seriously!)  and there are no breaks from this job.  Except when my mom agrees to take the little curtain-climbers so we can have a night away (I love you mom!)

5. I am leaving some friends at work.  And that is never easy, especially since I'm trading in regular adult conversation at predictable, regular intervals for conversations about... Dora the Explorer.

6. I'm losing independence.  I've been earning a paycheck since I was 15, that is approximately 14 years, almost half of my life, and now that I am giving that up it is making me feel oddly vulnerable.  It isn't that I don't trust my husband to take care of me - the man would do anything to make sure I'm comfortable and well taken care of - it is just a strange feeling that I have that I'm losing something, maybe just that I'll feel guilty spending ANY money on ANYTHING that would be for me.

7. I'm sure there is something else that I'm just not realizing yet.  I've recently been watching an aunt go through the transition to career woman to full time mom and it scares me.  I'm sure that there will be other anxieties that I don't foresee yet


What matters now is that monkey on the table and her sister.

With all that being said this is the best thing for me and mine.  There is nothing wrong with being a working mom, it just will not work for me anymore.  I cannot divide myself between two full time jobs, both of them demand full attention.  My children will benefit from this, even though they will throw fits that Daddy isn't home as much.  I will benefit from this - truth be told I don't like my job.  It is a high stress atmosphere, which I am just not made for, and my thoughts are always at home.  It will also enable me to spend a little more time on the money making endeavors that I do enjoy, my Etsy shop and tutoring.  Josh has confessed that he is also a bit excited to go out and get a part time job - as much as I know he loves our girls I think it is hard for him to divide his attentions too.  In the end we will make it work because our home, our family is what matters. 

Remind me later to tell you about my thoughts on mothering and history...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Be Still My Soul

Somedays life just gets to be too much for my little mind.  All I want is to sit in a calm spa like space, or better yet go park myself somewhere in a snowy wilderness and watch the snow fall steady and silently.

treasry reflecting my mood.  check it out on Etsy - click here

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Upcycled Love!

Sorry I've been absent as of late, but I did want to spread the word that if you take a look at my latest treasury, some good may come of it :)

Click HERE to see the full page

Happy February all!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Christmas Prep... starting this year in February

Exciting note - I had my first sale yesterday!  The glass cloche from my shop is on its way to Australia.

Last week I threw a baby shower for my long time best friend, all (four) of the attendees are friends that we have retained from high school and whether they want to admit it or not, they are all very creative, talented girls.  (how was that for a run-on sentence)  As I was talking to one of them (the link to her fabric shop Yellow Bird is on the bar at the right) we were both relaying how we had wanted to do almost exclusivley handmade Christmas gifts but we hadn't started early enough to accomplish the goal.  This year the four of us who actually live within a 20 mile radius (the other currently lives about 3,500 miles away while her husband attends medical school) have decided that we are going to meet about once a month or so to work on crafts for this following Christmas.

tutorial from moda bake shop
Most of us have either dabbled in fabric arts... or are so adept that teaching at the local art institute is only logical, but there are things out there that would be fun and new.  Like braided rag rugs.  But then you have to ask yourself - just because it would be something new and it would be fun to make, would someone really enjoy receiving it as a Christmas gift???  I'm just not sure.  I mean, we could raise and shear our own sheep and then spin our own yarn, but as cool as that would be (?) I'm just not sure Grandpa  or Cousin Jane would enjoy a skein of handmade yarn.

perpetual calendar/ journal made out of
a berry container, recycled postcards, and
index cards.  Find the project here
So, the trick is going to be finding new crafts/projects that actually result in a desireable gift. 

This is our possibilities list so far:
  •  Homemade vanilla extract
  •  Lap quilts
  •  Handmade journals
  • Candle luminaries
  •  Hopscotch mat
  • Take-along doll house
  • Gifts in a jar
  •   Laptop sleeve
  • Jewelry
But, now we're facing the imense problem of finding projects that will yeild a finished project that is appealing to our men.  Any ideas anyone?  Anyone?

I love the idea of having an exclusively handmade Christmas, it really stresses me out too but then I have to remind myself that four of the gifts I did this year were handmade.  It is a good start and maybe I won't quite make it this year, but I think I can set a goal for Christmas 2013 to have 90% of what I give to either be made with my own hands, or bought on Etsy (support handmade!).  I'd like to say 100% but there are always people who just don't appreciate the work that goes into them.  And I don't think there is anything more frustrating than spending hours on a project and having the recipient not appreciate it.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just a quick note - I finally got most of my items listed in my shop - take a peek!

P.S. I am working on an actual post... I'm just a little slow lately :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


the following exchange occured between approximately 9:10pm and 9:20pm, January 4th 2012

Pax:  Hey Mom, whacha doin'?  Play, play, can we please play?

Whiring of sewing machine...

Pax:  I shall jab you with my nose until you respond.  PLAY!

Me:  Hey sweet baby dog, here is some popcorn, now let mommy work.

Whiring of sewing machine...

Pax:  Look, its a ball!  And it squeaks, it squeaks loud!  Look at how talented I am, I can squeeeeze the ball in rapid succession and it sounds like a dying rabbit with a megaphone, WHEEEE!

Me:  Wow.  Okay Pax, here is some more popcorn, just let mommy work for a few more minutes.

Pax:  Pssst, Mom.  That thing that follow me is there again... I think I can catch it tonight.

Pax enthusiastically chases tail.

Peaceful whiring of sewing machine for several minutes...

Pax:  Mom.  Mommy.  Mom.  Mom.  Mama. Mommy.  Mom...

Me:  Silence.

Pax:  I know a fun game, I shall crawl under your chair and lick your feet, and then when they twitch I shall nibble your toes, what fun!

All peaceful whiring of the sewing machine ceases until a vigourous game of fetch is played and Pax is sufficiently tuckered out.

This, folks was my night last night.  Love my dog, but dear sweet Moses, sometimes I wish I had a blow gun with tranquilizing darts.