the following exchange occured between approximately 9:10pm and 9:20pm, January 4th 2012

Pax:  Hey Mom, whacha doin'?  Play, play, can we please play?

Whiring of sewing machine...

Pax:  I shall jab you with my nose until you respond.  PLAY!

Me:  Hey sweet baby dog, here is some popcorn, now let mommy work.

Whiring of sewing machine...

Pax:  Look, its a ball!  And it squeaks, it squeaks loud!  Look at how talented I am, I can squeeeeze the ball in rapid succession and it sounds like a dying rabbit with a megaphone, WHEEEE!

Me:  Wow.  Okay Pax, here is some more popcorn, just let mommy work for a few more minutes.

Pax:  Pssst, Mom.  That thing that follow me is there again... I think I can catch it tonight.

Pax enthusiastically chases tail.

Peaceful whiring of sewing machine for several minutes...

Pax:  Mom.  Mommy.  Mom.  Mom.  Mama. Mommy.  Mom...

Me:  Silence.

Pax:  I know a fun game, I shall crawl under your chair and lick your feet, and then when they twitch I shall nibble your toes, what fun!

All peaceful whiring of the sewing machine ceases until a vigourous game of fetch is played and Pax is sufficiently tuckered out.

This, folks was my night last night.  Love my dog, but dear sweet Moses, sometimes I wish I had a blow gun with tranquilizing darts.


  1. And then there was Jinx.....see Momma Mason try to do her housework while carrying baby Jinx around in a blanket sling!


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