Small Milestones

I know it isn't a huge deal... but it kind of is :)

My little mobile made pintrest!

front and center!  I circled it in red if you were having a hard time finding it...

I looked at my shop stats this week and saw that I had some traffic from Pintrest.  I did a litle search and viola!

Anyway, now that Christmas has come and gone I can turn the focus to Worthen's again I'm pretty excited, I just need to find a brown linen dress or a couple pairs of slacks at the thrift store so I can make the binding, I should be done within the next week or so! 

Pictures are pretty much done for everything in the shop, I just need to get them off my camera!

Speaking of Christmas, I can't even describe the mad fear that overtook me the last couple weeks.  I know most people really worry about the money aspect, but that wasn't even my biggest issue.  I look forward to December all year and then when it finally comes I am just scrambling to make everything perfect like I want it to be.

Lovely rustic Christmas decor by Martha Stewart
  So, this year I'm trying something different.  I'm taking a break until February 1st, when I start my Christmas Club account at the bank (it is a term desposit that you matures November 1st every year).  Then I will also be starting to make Christmas cards & tags (I didn't send out and cards this year and my wrapping wasn't very exciting.  I know it sounds dumb, but it matters to me), I'm going to write down what we want to do this next year (Christmas light excursions, polar express in Heber, etc)

Cute little houses made out of natural materials,
Also by Martha Stewart

I'm also going to start on my homemade gifts  in the next couple months so that November doesn't hit and I'm just barely deciding to make two quilts, do a sketch, make a cloth playhouse, paint a ceremanic nativity, church and house, and do a canvas painting.  Didn't bode well for my sanity this last year.  So hopefully, next December will hit and I can sit back, relax, enjoy the season, and be martha for one month a year.  That is really all I'm asking!!

What I'm realizing more and more as the time goes by is that my entire year revolves around Christmas.  Birthdays are great, I'm kind of "meh" when it comes to other holidays, but Christmas is... magical, meanigful, fun and it is my goal to make not only little kids jump up and down and squeal with excitement, I also want to see the lights turn on in the eyes of "grown-ups".  it shouldn't cease to be magical just because the cruel realization that parents place presents under the tree and not Santa.  I think when we go out of our way to make Christmas personal in the decor, and in the gifts that are lovingly selected and (hopefully) a suprise when they are opened it really opens something in our hearts.


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