Quick Post: Septembr 2014 Visiting Teaching Printable Message

So, this is not creative or super original but just really quick I wanted to share something I've recently started doing for Visiting Teaching (If you would like more info on the whole institution click here)  I love taking little gifts or printouts that can be displayed in the home when I go visiting teaching, sometimes I just need something as simple as the message from the Ensign.  Sometimes picking up the Ensign, even just to get the monthly VT message just seems too... overwhelming.  So, to help myself and the girls I get to visit I've started copying the monthly message onto a word document and then pasting in the scriptures that have been referenced, I've found it can really help me to study the message when I only have a stolen moment between helping with homework, running kids to ballet, and fixing dinner to look at it. 

Click here to download

So, if you feel like this would help you, please feel free to download this 2 page document and use it to spread the Word!


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