Gone but not Forgotten

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I know it has been a whole week since I last posted so some folks probably figure I've given this up as a lost cause... well maybe I did that with the first two or three blogs I started, but not this one!  I've made some pretty awesome progress on my quilt, one third of the blocks are now together and it is looking better than I had hoped.  I've also been reading some books on business and spoke to some friends who have gone through the process of starting their own business and it has been very educational. 
I just finished reading Craft Inc. by Meg Mateo Ilasco, it received a four and a half star rating on Amazon and I appreciated the information on figuring out if you are small business owner material, how to ease out of a conventional day job into purely your own business, marketing strategies and some other gems Meg shares, a great deal of this book though is irrevelent for me at this point in time though.  She goes through the process of getting a business license, tax id, copyrights, tradeshows, selling wholesale, etc. so most of that is way off in the future at best for me.  One fantastic feature of this book that I found especially helpful and inspiring was interviews with folks who made it big after striking out on their own sprinkled through out the book.  It is an informative resource that I think will become more and more valuable to me as time goes on.

Another accomplishment this past week was getting my business card design.  Sarah at OhmeohmyDesign is just amazing, I wanted to give her a shining review on the Etsy feedback tool but we bundled my purchase with a recent design purchase that I had already given feedback for.  But, let me show
off her lovely work!  She is incredibly talented and pinned the tail right on that donkey as far as my taste goes.  Thank you Sarah!

One of my favorite moments this week, however, was a nightime ephipany that hit me a few nights ago.  It actually motivated me to get up, flip on some lights, sketch out some diagrams in my notebook and whip up a little mock-up prototype.  Then, and only then did this little thought allow me to crawl gratefully back into bed and sleep peacefully.  The next morning I wasn't positive that it had actually happned until I spoke with my sister.  Apparently I sent her a jumbled text message at a rather ugly hour of the night.  I'm  telling you this because it is hillarious... and yes to peak your interest.  A teaser if you will.  Shameless?  Yes, but at least I'm honest about it!  I'm not revealing this marvelous creation until a date very close to opening day.  It will be magnifica sorpresa and I am very excited about it!


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